Our passion is to help women take control of their finances, because with control comes empowerment. We feel more women need to explore their opportunities, dream about their futures, and discover they have within them the ability to live the future they imagine.

While there are many financially sound, successful women, we also find a large number of women don’t understand money or have never been given the opportunity to handle money. Further, many of our clients have found themselves “suddenly single,” whether due to divorce or by becoming a widow and have had the burden of finances thrust upon their shoulders. We work with these women, who come from all walks of life and help empower them to lead financially confident lives.

The unique challenges faced by women, especially those going or having gone through divorce, can be daunting, which is why Karen attained the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) designation, to better serve her female clients as they navigate through the financial aspects of such a sensitive time in their lives.