Available Speaking Topics

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Business Planning for The Year

Learn how to draft a business plan that is tangible and easy to understand.  Walk away with everything you need to create your “big picture” and learn how to add the smaller details that will make it work.


Work Life Out of Balance

Feel like work has taken over, and there is NO time for life?  Feel like life has taken over and there is NO time for work??  Life and work is hardly ever symmetrical, but once you learn how to manage the pulls, you will learn how to find the balance.


Be Educated, Feel Empowered & Take Control of Your Finances

Everyone has their own money personality and understanding your personality will allow you to better understand how you relate to money. Tips will be given to help you work through your personality to achieve your main goals and how to have financial conversations with your immediate family. This is an interactive presentation, attendees will take a financial personality survey and receive an empowerment journal workbook to work in throughout the presentation. Everyone will walk away with their top 3 most important financial goals.


I am thinking about divorce, now what???

Explore the financial dynamics of getting divorced and how that will affect you financially.  It is far better to be educated early on about divorce and money, then signing the divorce decree without understanding how it will affect the rest of your life!

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